In order to realize right of stockholders for information, as well as to ensure promptness of its receipt by stockholders and other interested parties, JSC “Ukrainian Energy Machines” uses the following means of information:

  • provision of documentary information for familiarization at location of the Company, telephone for information: (057) 349-23-69;
  • disclosure of information through the mass media;
  • informing via the Internet;
  • informing through public speeches, as well as during meetings of officials of the Company with stockholders and other interested parties.

According to the current legislation, the Company publishes annual reports in the official print publication, namely for 2007-2015 - in the bulletin “Information of the National Commission on Securities and Stock Market” (No. 80 dated 24.04.2008, No. 79 dated 29.04.2009, No 76 dated 27.04.2010, No. 79 dated 28.04.2011, No. 79 dated 26.04.2012, No. 81 dated 26.04.2013, No. 81 dated 29.04.2014, No. 81 dated 29.04.2015, No. 83 dated 29.04.2016), as well as annual and quarterly information for the period of 2007-2015 and quarterly information for 2016 was posted on the website www.stockmarket.gov.ua.