Steam turbine

  • Steam turbines for TPP

    Steam turbines for TPP

    • condensing turbines up to 299 MW
    • condensing turbines over 300 MW
    • cogeneration turbines

  • Steam turbines for NPP

    Steam turbines for NPP

    • with rotor speed 25 s-1
    • with rotor speed 50 s-1, 60 s-1

  • Auxiliary equipment

    Auxiliary equipment

    • heat exchange equipment: air heater, oil cooler, deliver water heater
    • air blowers, ejectors, draught machines, rotors for draught machines
    • filters

  • Back-pressure steam turbines

    Back-pressure steam turbines

    • capacity up to 5 MW
    • capacity up to 5-12 MW
    • with controlled stream extractors, capacity 6-35 MW

The development of the construction of steam and gas turbines JSC "Ukrainian Energy Machines", calculation and research efforts and product introduction of turbines is carried out by particulized design office "Тurboatom". The same department of JSC "Ukrainian Energy Machines" defines the necessity of getting extraneous research organizations to take part in solution of emerged problems and working through of costructions in steam gas turbine construction area.

At the enterprise work competent engineering and factory personnel. There are modern special laboratories of testing materials and elements of turbines in accordance with requirements of international codes.

Machining processing, welding, assembly-testing workshops equipped by necessary manufacturing equipment, allowes to manufacture 16...20 steam turbines in a year with gross output 8 mln KWt.

Aspiration of JSC "Ukrainian Energy Machines" for maximum meet a claims of the Customer, efficient performance of Contractual Obligations of technical requirements and terms of turbines supply, and also confirmed by practice high-reliability of the productions in explotation extend geography of supply of oour equipment.