Metallurgical Production

Foundry has following capabilities:

Casting of workpieces of carbon, alloyed and stainless steels with weight 100 up to 10 000 kg.

  • Smelting of steel implements on Electric Arc Furnaces with use of microalloying
  • Implements blowing of metal with oxygen in furnace and argon in dipper 

Workpices of valuable metals with weight 1 up to 450 kg:

  • Bronze (grade Бр010Ф1, Бр05Ц5С5, БрА9Ж3)
  • Aluminium АЛ-2
  • Brass ЛЦ40Мц3Ж

Model workshop manufactures:

  • Wooden models for  foundry of any complexity

Receiving of high-quality workpieces ensured by using of modern molding equipment and mixes on basis of furane rosins.

Forge has following capabilities:

Manufacturing of forged pieces by methods:

  • Open forging
  • Forging with skid tool with hummers weight of drop parts 150 up to 3150 kg.

Grades of steel:

  • Carbon structural, low-alloy, alloy, high-alloy, corrosion-resistant, heat-resistant.


  • Disks and rolling rings – diameter up to 900 mm, weight up to 300 kg.
  • Shafts – diameter of barrel up to 300 mm, length up to 2000 mm, weight up to 400 kg.
  • Bars, plates and other forged piece – weight up to 400 kg.
  • Shaped forgings

Workpieces are:

  • Rolled metal of circular and square section with size up to 300 mm
  • Forged ingots with weight 675 kg

Cutting of workpieces implements on cutting band machine tools.

Thermal production has following capabilities:

Surface treatment (nitride) of items with size 600×650×2100 mm

Releasing of internal stresses after welding with load up to 200 tons:

  • Shaft furnace - - Ø 8000×4500 mm,
  • Furnace with roll-out tray - 5000×12000×450 mm

Thermal treatment:

  • Ensuring of mechanical properties for long-length parts ay vertical condition Ø 500×2250 mm
  • Parts in chlorhydric and saltpeter bathes Ø 200 × 450 mm 

Special processes of metallurgical production included in Quality Management System JSC “Ukrainian Energy Machines” which supports requirement of international standard ISO 9001: 2008.

JSC “Ukrainian Energy Machines” is a member of Association of Foundries of Ukraine.