Welding Production

Prepared production has the following features:

  • Oxygen cutting carbon and low-alloy steels with a thickness of 4 to 160 mm in any configuration (manual cutters, semiautomatic, flange-cuts, ASH-70, CNC machines).
  • Plasma cutting high-alloy steels, nonferrous metals, thicknesses from 6 to 56 mm.
  • Mechanical cutting:
    • guillotine - up to 16mm thickness;
    • circular shears - thickness 4 mm;
    • press-cutters - corner 100x100x10 mm;
    • mechanical hacksaw - Ø 159 mm.
  • Bending of steel:
    • with a yield point up to 400 ... 500MPa;
    • thickness up to 120 mm (depending on width);
    • maximum width of rollers - 5 meters;
    • rolling of corner – 50x50x5 mm.
  • Bending of tubes on the machine with HFC:
    • carbon steel - up to Ø219 mm;
    • alloy steel - up to Ø159 mm.
  • Rectifying of plates:
    • at press - with thickness up to 160 mm;
    • at roll-straightening machine - with thickness up to 40 mm.

Welding production has:

  • Welding technology:
    • carbon;
    • heat-resistant;
    • stainless steel;
    • austenitic steels.
  • Welding process:
    • manual arc welding with covered electrodes (RDE);
    • gas-shielded arc welding (MIG / MAG);
    • automatic submerged arc welding (AWF);
    • tungsten-arc inert-gas welding (TIG);
    • semi-automatic arc welding in CO2.
    • electron-beam welding
  • Specialized areas:
    • welded rotors with weight up to 200 tons (weld in a narrow submerged treatment);
    • orbital TIG welding joints "tube-tube plate (for heat exchangers);
    • arc spraying (aluminum) parts of hydraulic turbines;
    • welding of Francis runners;
    • welded stamped blades.
    • electron-beam welding of packages of steam turbine blades
  • Furnaces for heat treatment of welded structures:
    • length up to 13 meters
    • height up to 4 meters
    • width up to 5 meters,
    • weight up to 200 tons.

Welding production occupies 30-35% of all production areas of the plant and has a manufacturing capacity for about 30 thousand tons of welded structures per year.

Welding production certified under requirements of ISO 3834-2:2005, Certificate No Q-014/2013 dated 26.08.2013.

Welding production has the permission of the Main Directorate of the city in Kharkov region to carry out welding, gas-flame and surfacing works.

Permission for conducting certification of welders for admission to implementation of work:

  • with manual arc welding, MAW;
  • with welding fusible electrode in active gases MAG;
  • welding tungsten electrode in inert gas TIG;
  • submerged arc welding SAW.

Department of Chief Welder has qualified personnel on welding production, including international level.

The main activities of Chief Welder Department:

  • development of technology for preliminary works;
  • development of technology for welded structures;
  • design development of non-standard equipment and tooling for welding;
  • rate setting of works in pre-production and welding production;
  • equipment for welding with new welding equipment;
  • research and development works on welding with assistance of Scientific Research Institutes, including IEW named after E.O.Paton.