“Ukrenergymachines” signed a contract for the manufacture of electric motors


In December 2021, “Ukrenergymachines” JSC and “Tatra-Yug” LLC signed a contract for the manufacture of traction asynchronous electric motors.

According to the signed contract, “Ukrenergymachines” JSC will produce and ship 36 АД933У1 traction asynchronous electric motors, which will be used as part of low-floor trams in Kyiv.

The АД933У1 electric motor is a new development of the enterprise.

To confirm the declared characteristics and efficiency of operation of the equipment, several types of tests will be carried out before shipment to the customer. The electric motors will undergo climatic and electromagnetic tests in the laboratories of the enterprise.

The full volume of deliveries of electric motors is planned to be completed in 2023.


TATRA-YUG is a large Ukrainian manufacturer of LRVs, trams and equipment since 1993, which is the ideological follower of the world's largest tram manufacturing enterprise - CKD "TATRA" (Czech Republic, founded in 1927).