Happy birthday to General Director!


Dear Viktor Georgiyovych!

Accept sincere birthday wishes from entire team of “Ukrainian Energy Machines”!

Metal structures are worthless without people skillfully practicing with them, and it is much easier for people to keep up with times, overcome obstacles, and receive rewards when they are led by strong leader. And we are grateful to fate that our team is led by such leader as you!

There are many challenges on your career path, and every year brings new ones. War is the most difficult of them, but you work in your city, together with your team, giving hope to Kharkiv residents and all Ukrainians, because “Ukrainian Energy Machines” is the flagship of our unconquered country.

We wish you inner peace, strength and inspiration! Many years in health and well-being, family comfort!

Let the products of “Ukrenergymachines” continue to amaze the world and remain a symbol of Ukrainian strength!

Victory! Peace! Prosperity of Ukraine!