Interaction with business partners

“UKRAINIAN ENERGY MACHINES” Joint stock company (hereinafter also - the company) informs its business partners, both existing and potential, that in order to implement the declared policy, as well as to fulfill the requirements of the Law of Ukraine “On Prevention of Corruption”, in the company Anti-corruption program was approved, which establishes set of rules, standards and procedures for prevention, detection and counteraction of corruption, as well as other internal organizational and administrative documents in this direction.

The company in its activities as a whole, as well as its officials, adhere to the principle of “zero tolerance” to any manifestations of corruption, take all possible measures to prevent, detect and counter corruption.

The company selects business partners according to criteria based on priority of transparency of activity, high level of reputation, absence of sanctions, respect for the requirements of current legislation and compliance with generally accepted norms of corporate and business ethics.

The company values and maintains relations with business partners based on long-term cooperation, mutual trust, respect, benefit, fairness and objectivity. In turn, the company always faithfully fulfills its obligations to business partners, provided for in the terms of agreements or contracts, and expects the same from them.

“UKRENERGYMACHINES” JSC makes reasonable efforts to minimize risk of business relations with counterparties that may be involved in corrupt activities. By means of a questionnaire, the company can check them, in particular, with regard to tolerance for corruption, including the presence of counter-parties with their own anti-corruption procedures, as well as their readiness to comply with the requirements of business ethics and include anti-corruption conditions (cautions) in contracts regarding the joint resistance to any manifestations of corruption.

Therefore, the Company hopes that its business partners understand the purpose of the measures taken by “UKRENERGYMACHINES” JSC in relation to them, and expects reciprocal interaction.