The youth program

Measures to improve work with personnel are developed, they reflect priority areas in personnel policy, personnel management, which allow maintain highly skilled workers and engineering and technical workers and attract young personnel to the enterprise.

In order to consolidate young specialists and workers in production, reduce employee turnover, rejuvenate staff, “Regulations on remuneration of young specialists labor” have been developed and are in effect, on the basis of which salaries of UAH 9,000 are established, “Regulation on the provision of financial assistance to young professionals and young employees who rent housing in the city of Kharkiv”, on the basis of which monetary assistance for rental housing in the amount of UAH 2,000 per month and “Regulation on organization mentoring and internship of young workers and specialists”.

To strengthen material interest of young workers in transition to independent work, "Regulations on payment of workers for period of their professional training and adaptation to conditions of production of JSC "Ukrainian Energy Machines" was introduced.

The activities and results of work on training of workers and young professionals are reflected in plant`s newspaper "Turboatom".