“Do today what others will think tomorrow”
(Winston Churchill)

Personnel is one of the main and most valuable resources for the development of “Ukrainian Energy Machines”. Therefore, the basis of the personnel policy of the enterprise is the attraction of the best specialists, their constant training and development, high level of wages and labor safety.

Corporate culture

  • creation of an open and accessible information space: familiarization of all employees with the economic indicators and business activities of the enterprise (with the help of a corporate newspaper, Internet site and dialogue with management)
  • development of social programs and infrastructure of the enterprise (polyclinic, cafeterias and bars, sports complex and health facilities, etc.);
  • carrying out of corporate events (concerts, sports competitions, visiting historical and cultural places);
  • support of the system of interaction between the employee and the management of the enterprise;
  • formation of the importance of each employee, a sense of belonging and pride in the company.

Selection and adaptation of personnel


  • equal, fair and respectful attitude towards all employees (enshrined in the Collective Agreement);
  • constant dialogue with employees (through the director’s reception, the company's management and the personal public reception of the governor).

Payment and motivation

  • wages of “Ukrainian Energy Machines” successfully competes in the labor market of Ukraine and is the highest in the industry in the Kharkiv region;
  • annual surveys of the level of wages are held (as a consequence, an annual increase in payment for work of all categories of personnel);
  • employee bonus system;
  • award system (employees receive diplomas, gratitude, letters of  recognition etc. for significant results).

Education and development